Pilates Therapy

Paramus Medical & Sports Rehabilitation Center offers a unique approach to core strengthening and flexibility exercises in the form of IMX Pilates. IMX Pilates stands for Integrated Movement Xercize. It incorporates muscle toning, strength training, and cardio for increased flexibility, endurance, muscle tone, and core stability using Pilates Therapy.

Pilates Therapy is highly effective for those patients suffering from back pain and many pathologies of the spine. Pilates Therapy combines spine stabilization techniques, flexibility training,  postural and strength training to help minimize or eliminate back pain.

The numerous benefits of Pilates Therapy include:

  • Spinal elongation and mobility
  • Increased flexibility
  • Postural strength and correction of asymmetries
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Endurance and injury prevention

This individualized therapy is supervised by our Physical Therapists, who are certified in IMX Pilates Therapy, to monitor each patient’s form and technique to deliver optimal results.

We offer basic and advanced Pilates Therapy as well as Pre- and Post-Natal Pilates Therapy to further customize treatment for you.

For more information and to schedule a Pilates Therapy session, please call Paramus Medical & Sports Rehabilitation Center in Paramus, New Jersey at (201) 225-1511 or (888) LOW-BACK.

Pilates in Paramus, NJ

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